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Embedded Market Forecasters

Atego and EMF are working cooperatively to make available to Atego users information regarding how the activities of their users compares with the broad embedded industry. EMF is one of the most recognized and respected sources of accurate and comprehensive embedded data and is used by the US Military and Government as a trusted source of information to support purchasing and usage activities. As part of our statistical-based industry survey, EMF is working jointly with Atego to make survey participation available to their users. The data will be recorded separately from that of the industry so that together we can report back to their respondents how their activities compare with the broader embedded industry. To take the 2014 Survey of Embedded Developers.

Respondents will receive a copy of the 2014 industry summary report (at the conclusion of the survey) as well as a complimentary copy of an EMF report "Looking at Developer's Activities: a 2013 Retrospective". This report sells for $195 but is offered at no cost to respondents as our way of saying thanks.

To take the Survey click on the link below.

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