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Published Authors

Atego has a number of published authors on its staff, whose books include:

Model-based Requirements Engineering

Author: Jon Holt, Simon A. Perry and Mike Brownsword

Publication Date November 2011

This book provides a hands-on introduction to model-based requirements engineering and management by describing a set of views that form the basis for the approach. These views take into account each individual requirement in terms of its description, but then also provide each requirement with meaning by putting it into the correct ‘context’.

Avionics Certification: A Complete Guide to DO-178, DO-178, DO-254

Author: Vance Hilderman and Tony Baghai

The second edition brings this book up to date on C, the latest version of DO-178. It describes the impact on the earlier document in the practical style of the authors, who have a combined experience of 50 years in avionics certification. The book is the result of seminars given throughout the world for over ten years. This edition is updated with new chapters on: Integrated Modular Avionics (DO-297), Software Tool Qualification (DO-330) and the complete test of the related FAA Advisory Circular 20-115C: Airborne Software Assurance.

SysML for Systems Engineering

Authors: Jon Holt & Simon Perry

This book provides a pragmatic introduction to the systems engineering modelling language, the SysML, aimed at systems engineering practitioners.

Modelling Enterprise Architectures

Authors: Jon Holt & Simon Perry

This book looks at the practical needs of creating and maintaining an effective enterprise architecture within a 21st century business through the use of pragmatic modelling.

A Pragmatic Guide to Competency: Tools, Frameworks and Assessment

Author(s): Jon Holt & Simon Perry

This book takes a pragmatic approach to assessing competency against various frameworks either individually or in a mix-and-match fashion and introduces one such assessment process, the Universal Competency Assessment Model (UCAM). Essential reading for IT managers and directors, team leaders, consultants and managers in technical businesses.

A Pragmatic Guide to Business Process Modelling (Second Edition)

Author: Jon Holt

This book shows how effective and accurate modelling can deliver a more complete understanding of your business processes.

Service- and Component-based Development: Using the Select Perspective and UML

Author: Hedley Apperly, et al.

This book presents the approaches and practices for the construction of software systems using Select Perspective. * It details the key workflows for a contemporary approach to supplying, managing, and consuming software assets to deliver business IT systems.

Component-Based Software Engineering: Putting the Pieces Together

Author: Hedley Apperly, et al.

In this book, the world's leading experts on component software development come together to present the field's state of the art, and to offer new insights into the key challenges of component architecture and reuse.

Modellierung von eingebetteten Systemen mit UML und SysML

Author: Andreas Korff

The successful cooperation of teams coming from different domains is essential to satisfy the need for full traceability of requirements and the possible re-use of existing components especially for the development of embedded systems. Modeling the stakeholder's perspectives using standardized modeling notations plays a important role here, and the OMG's standard visual modeling languages UML and SysML are the perfect fit for complex systems. What's deliberately missing in UML and SysML are explicit guidelines how to use their views in respective to a given development process. This book tries to add this missing link using handy examples and focusing on all standards appropriate for embedded systems in UML and UML profiles like SysML, U2TP, SPT or MARTE.