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Atego brings its Artisan Studio modeling tool suite and supporting tools solution in to ADN4SE project. We also contribute through our expertise in system engineering and tool integration to assist in the development of an integrated solution from system to software level within the ADN4SE project by specifying the process and methods to be employed. Specific tools and/or extension to Artisan Studio solution will also be developed in order to support industrial use-cases.

About ADN4SE
Software has become the engine of innovation for all embedded systems: it is a vital component of industrial competitiveness. It must now fulfil strong constraints regarding safety and time-to-market which unfortunately are not yet achievable using current RTOSs.

CEA has recently brought up PharOS technology with its unique properties enabling a development that is both fast and safe by construction. This advanced technology will be the core of ADN4SE project in order to establish a top-down and seamless process supported by a continuous tool chain and thus matching safety and time-to-market requirements all at once.

ADN4SE is a 40-month R&D project with a global budget of 16.9 million Euros of which 7.2 million Euros are funded by French BGLE, gathering 12 partners of different sizes from industrial and research domains.