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Atego brings to the consortium the distinctive input of a commercial tools developer and systems engineering methods consultancy. Atego will make available Artisan Studio plus add-ins to support the methods research on architectural modelling and the research on tools integration. They will also host and make available Atego Process Director, a web-based tool supporting the capture and dissemination of processes as an efficient means of sharing process data within the project and for dissemination.


The Comprehensive Modeling for Advanced Systems of Systems (COMPASS) consortium is a group of researchers and companies committed to collaborative research on model-based techniques for developing and maintaining Systems of Systems (SoS). Modern networking technologies let systems cooperate by sharing resources and offering services to one another so that the resulting system of systems has a behaviour that is greater than just the sum of its parts. For example, the information systems of fire, police and hospital services can together offer a flexible and responsive SoS for emergency management, even though the individual systems were not intended for collaboration. At a different scale, the integration of systems on board an aircraft can offer more energy-efficient and robust flight control.

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