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Standing for “Guaranteed Component Assembly with Round Trip Analysis for Energy Efficient High integrity Multicore Systems”

Emerging embedded systems platforms harnessing new heterogeneous, multicore architectures to enable the next generation of powerful mission-critical applications are demanding across-the-board advances in all areas of design and development to fulfil their promise. The integration of component-based design with model-driven development creates a potent combination especially capable of mastering the complexity of these new systems.

CONCERTO (building on the previous CHESS project results from the ARTEMIS programme ) will deliver a reference multi-domain architectural framework for complex, highly concurrent, and multi-core systems, where non-functional properties (including real-time, dependability, and energy management) will be established for individual components, derived for the overall system at design time, and preserved by construction and monitoring at run-time.

Atego contributes to the platform by providing an Atego Modeler profile allowing engineers to apply CONCERTO concepts in a stable and efficient environment which meets their regular industrial expectations.

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