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Atego is contributing its Artisan Studio modeling tool suite and Aonix Perc Virtual Machine and supporting tools to the project and apply its experience in tool integration to assist in the development of an integrated solution within the ToucHMore project. Atego will provide its expertise with model driven development and the use of Java for embedded systems to specify the process and methods to be used and develop the tools needed for deployment of software onto heterogeneous and reconfigurable platforms.

About ToucHMore

Recent trends in embedded system architectures brought a rapid shift towards multicore, heterogeneous and reconfigurable platforms. This makes chip design enormously complex and imposes a large effort for the programmers to develop their applications. For this reason, new and more efficient tools for software development are needed to ensure software productivity and time to market of new applications. In particular, the automation of the software design process starting from high level models all-the-way down to a customized and implementation on specific architectures is a key factor to increase programmer productivity.

The ToucHMore project will develop software tools that facilitate energy efficient and robust software for Heterogeneous Multicore Systems (HeMCS) with the goal to reduce the time-to-market in the design of such systems by at least 15%, as well as the cost of software design through the automation process by 20%.

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