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The UK based Society of Automotive Engineers’ Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) is a textual specification language with an annex of graphical notations for the expression of software-centric systems. Conceived and promulgated by avionics organizations—where it was called the Avionics Architecture Description Language—the SAE formally standardized it as SAE Standard AS5506/1 in 2006.

There are various techniques for expressing systems’ architecture and—because the same conceptual problems are being addressed by the techniques—there is often much in common between these techniques. This is the case with AADL and MARTE, the UML2 Profile for “Modeling and Analysis of Real-Time and Embedded systems”: there is a sufficiently strong mapping of systems specification concepts such that MARTE can be a means of graphically modeling AADL. Annex A, Section 2, of MARTE Specification ptc/07-08-04 describes this mapping concept-by-concept between the two languages.

Atego is leading an EU funded research project (SATURN) which is formally evaluating the MARTE standard of which Atego is the OMG co-chair. Atego is committed to providing a model-to-text transformation - built with its Artisan Studio Automatic Code Synchronization (ACS) capabilities—to translate appropriate portions of MARTE models to AADL specifications in text and XMI formats.

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