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University Program

Atego’s University Program is aimed at supporting the education of engineers, researchers and scientists the world over. By including use of the latest UML, SysML and Architectural Modeling tool support in their curriculum, students can solve their problems with real-world best in class tools, allowing them to enhance their skills and become better prepared for their future careers.

Atego is removing the barriers to access to tools for complex systems and software engineering by providing wide distribution of our software at no cost to accredited institutions. Licenses for classroom teaching are granted on a yearly basis and have no limitations to functionality - all product features being identical to the commercial licenses of Artisan Studio. The standard program allows for 20 concurrent users on a local area network, free of charge, and the option to add support for a nominal annual charge.

Atego wants close working relationships with universities so that we can improve our product, and as a member of our University Program, you can help us: all that we ask in return for providing you with our free product is that you give us feedback when we ask for your input on our tool. We might ask about how you have used the tool, what problems you have encountered, or for any other information that might help us improve our tool and the way that we support our customers.

To that end we ask that you agree to participate in Atego marketing programs, such as providing quotes and success stories to promote our products, services and initiatives, and that you allow Atego to publish research results, white papers and other original papers that relate to or utilize Atego tools. Your views and perceptions on current and future versions of the Atego University Program are essential, and we welcome your feedback at any time so that we can continually enhance and extend this program to meet your, and the needs of all universities.

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