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About Us

Atego is a global software tools and professional services company focused on helping organizations engineer complex, mission- and safety-critical systems and software.

Atego has more than 30 years experience in delivering solutions for the world’s largest engineering companies developing complex systems and software for Real-time, Embedded and Mission/Safety Critical applications. These companies are involved in; aerospace & defense, automotive & rail, energy & utilities as well as automation, medical and the electronics industries. Atego pioneered the creation and delivery of standard’s based solutions for UML, SysML, UPDM, Ada, Real-time Java and is actively involved with global standards bodies for systems engineering and software development. Many of our current customers have been using our products and services for decades and continue to rely on Atego’s superior engineering talent and support team dedication.

Atego is the independent alternative, providing high touch engineering led solutions with technical & domain expertise. Atego’s leading edge & industry proven technology is based upon industry standards, best practices and integrations with leading 3rd party tools as well as our own solutions. Atego’ core expertise is focused on the Engineering and Product Development Domain for large distributed teams; mission, safety, life critical complex systems and software development.

Atego’s clients are faced with the reality that an Increasing number of products utilize ever larger amounts of software, that systems & software are becoming more complex and that development teams are more dispersed across geographic and corporate boundaries. Nearly 1/3 of all industrial devices already require certification increasing the need for certification, regulatory, standards & quality compliance. But historical best practices are inefficient, complex, not scalable and error-prone. With increasing pressure to reduce costs & time to market the industry must adopt process optimization, automation and reuse strategies to achieve and retain competitiveness.