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Atego Modeler

Atego Modeler (implemented as Artisan Studio), part of the Atego Vantage solution, is a pragmatic solution to these problems with SysML, UML and Variability modeling, all integrated within a single tool. You can create consistent, high quality models for systems and software engineers to communicate requirements and consider design alternatives. Then make decisions involving the entire team, regardless of their location.

40% Typical Project Cost Reduction

Atego Modeler reduces the time and effort required to design products, systems and software by leading you through the appropriate industry standard diagrams and automating repetitive tasks. It also reduces costs by finding potential problems much earlier and simplifies the design process by modeling the way you build. On its own Atego Modeler enables model-based systems, software and product line engineering (PLE). In conjunction with Atego Asset Library it extends these techniques with modular design, to model SoS, CBD and SOA solutions. This natural synergy between the Atego Vantage design process and your development or engineering approaches minimizes translation and simplifies communication.


  • Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) with SysML
  • Model-based software engineering with UML
  • Integrated product line variation modeling
  • Simple and powerful variant selection
  • Automated product model generation
  • Extensible meta-model and diagram notations
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Automatic, configurable and extensible model review
  • Profiles, generators and reversers for; ARINC 653, IDL3/IDL3+, OMG XMI™, MARTE, SPT and UPDM (DoDAF & MODAF)
  • Fully configurable automatic code synchronization for C, C++, C#, Ada, Java and VB
  • Synchronization with PTC Integrity®, Simulink® and DOORS®
  • Automatic document generation

Atego Modeler is a module within the Atego Vantage solution, which is a unique, yet proven combination of Atego people, processes and products for model-based systems and software engineering, asset-based modular design and product line variation. It not only increases productivity, improves quality and reduces costs but also reduces your risks by reusing common, proven parts, letting you focus on the things which differ. Independent survey results show that applying MB-PLE approaches such as those in Atego Vantage can reduce your total development costs by 62% and deliver 23% more of your projects on time.

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