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Atego Perc

Atego’s flagship Virtual Machine technology and supporting tool chain, Atego Perc™ Ultra is one of the most deployed embedded and real-time Virtual Machines in the industry. Atego Perc Ultra is a virtual machine and tool set expressly created for demanding embedded and real-time systems requiring Java Standard Edition support. Atego Perc Ultra delivers the ease and efficiency of Java SE without sacrificing integrity, performance, or real-time behavior.

The Atego Perc product line offers Ahead-of-Time (AOT) and Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation, remote debug support, deterministic garbage collection, standard graphics and extended commercial RTOS support.

AtegoPerc Ultra Logo
The Atego Perc Ultra Virtual Machine with Deterministic Garbage Collection Technology, and Embedded Development Tools is the only Java Standard Edition (JSE) Solution with Patented Reliability Features.

Atego Perc Ultra SMP Logo
Atego Perc Ultra SMP, the Virtual Machine solution for multi-core, multi-processor systems has been proven a competent performer in complex mission-critical real-time applications.

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