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Atego Process Director Family

The Atego Process Director family of products provides everything you need to document your organizations processes, tune them for specific programs & projects, manage their implementation and consume process, as an end user. To find out more, click on the logo below or the menu on the left.

Atego Process Director Logo
Atego Process Director focuses on establishing and managing your organizations operational, engineering and development processes with a range of highly scalable, authoring, measurement, management & improvement features. With thin client process editing, blog style process publishing (from tools like Microsoft Word & Live Writer) and drag-&-drop process flows process authoring is familiar and stress-free. Core processes are then specialized for each program and project by answering questions, enabling true agility. As a manager, you can define metrics to be gathered and measured, for process improvement and optimization, giving you full visibility over your core and program specific processes.

Atego Process Consumer Logo
Atego Process Consumer provides an easy to use and appealing environment for your organizations employees to understand what to do, how to do it, what tools to use, who else to involve, how to avoid associated risks and more. ‘To-Do Dashboards’ and automated email notification embed your organizations best practice processes within everyone’s working day. Then progress logging and an integrated recommendation feedback loop ensure that metrics are gathered and processes are improved.