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Atego are regularly selected for complex industrial automation and control applications ranging from factory automation to human and materiel management to deep sea drilling to power systems control. Atego products and expertise are sought for industrial applications because they are proven to be safe, reliable, and effective, while being more cost effective than competing approaches. Whether projects are looking for powerful and productive Java technologies or trusted and proven Ada technologies, Atego provides solutions that give Atego customers a powerful competitive edge, with lower costs and faster time to market, while also supporting the highest levels of safe operation.

Customer Projects using Atego Solutions

In the Medical Equipment, and Industrial Automation markets, there are significant common forces motivating engineering teams to adopt Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and MDA approaches, including cost reduction, complexity management, collaboration, intensification of quality demands, political auditing, and consequences of failure to deliver and to perform.Each of these markets has differing priorities, as for example, the medical domain would assign a higher priority to the consequence of failure to perform than that of cost reduction. While stakeholders may have differing priorities as they develop a wide diversity of products, these forces are driving engineers to MBSE and MDA in each of these markets.

By embracing the latest UML and SysML standards to build and deploy components across projects and platforms, Artisan Studio is used by developers to model their requirements and their complex mission-critical applications together, linking them to ensure that specific components can be demonstrated to meet requirements at the modeling level, before continuing to software development and coding. And using automatic code generation targeting their specific operating system demands for Ada, C, Java, C++ and C#, the rewards for adopting MBSE can achieve significantly improved developer productivity.

Regulatory bodies involved in the market approval of medical devices and instrumentation require ever more stringent auditable development processes to be followed which results in all software systems being designed, rather than simply evolving. Companies like DCA Design International, Elekta Oncology Systems, Oridion Medical Systems and IIP Technologies use Atego to develop medical devices including drug delivery and diagnostic devices, insulin pump systems, IMRT oncology equipment monitoring and control systems, patient monitoring products and cardiovascular therapeutic devices.

In Industrial Automation, car park security, payment and monitoring systems, plant robotic systems, postal sorting and security systems and many other industrial systems and process engineering applications have been developed using Atego at companies such as Control Techniques, DiehlAko Controls, Elster Instromet, Invensys, Leuze Lumiflex Electronic, Neopost, Serco and Siemens A&D. Many of these developments involve distributed development teams which exploit Artisan Studio’s support for multi-site teams ensuring that even geographically distributed teams are able to dynamically work together cohesively enabling systems engineers, software engineers and test engineers to work together using one tool in a unitary modeling environment – ensuring full and comprehensive traceability, and optimizing reuse to minimize investment and maintenance costs.

Atego HighRely

Atego HighRely’s primary expertise is on custom software engineering for medical products. We have extensive skills in developing software that integrates with custom hardware in all stages of product life cycle development. Our list of clients’ projects range in size from small components of a larger project to complete full turnkey Medical Software development and integration.

Are you new to the FDA Approval processes for embedded medical devices? Atego HighRely have helped customers expedite time to market and reach FDA approval successfully, the first time. JumpCert 510(k) will ensure that your project is on schedule, within budget and achieves successful certification.

Atego HighRely’s FDA Compliance Engineering & JumpCert 510(k) Services Covers:

  • Software Design and Implementation
  • Software Testing, Quality Assurance, and Validation
  • Project Management
  • Software Design and System Architecture
  • Software Development Processes and Checklists
  • Requirements Analysis, Development and Management
  • SEI CMMI Capability Maturity Model
  • FDA 510(k) and PMA
  • 21 CFR Part 820 – Quality System Regulation
  • 21 CFR Part 11 – Electronic Records

Atego HighRely Medical Devices services comply with the FDA’s 510(k) and PMA requirements. Atego HighRely’s proven quality system is compliant with both the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 820, and the ISO/DIS 13485 standards for quality systems.

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