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Atego Asset Library

Atego Asset Library’s highly scalable repository and multi-user web browser user interface make asset publication, management and reuse easy. Based on the OMG’s Reusable Asset Specification, the underlying database is intentionally generalist so that you can use it for all types of project assets. You can very quickly define your own catalog structure, asset types, contexts, keywords and states to match your organization’s specific domain. Then user and role security protects your catalogs, enabling your asset publication process.


  • Simple and Secure Web Browser user interface
  • Publish, Find and Reuse
  • Interest Registry and Email Notification
  • OMG Reusable Asset Specification (RAS) database structure
  • File Type Agnostic
  • Auto File Interrogation and Documentation
  • Model Integration for CBD, SOA and SoS
  • User Definable Keywords, States and Types
  • Reuse Metrics Dashboard

Atego Asset Library also enables top-down, architected modular engineering. Systems, components and services can be specified, and handed off for design, delivery, publication, and then passed back for inclusion. This Supplier – Consumer approach uses Atego Asset Library as the broker in Component Based Development (CBD), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Systems of Systems (SoS) projects. Communication is greatly improved with this common asset request and delivery repository, which is accessible within a team, site or organization, and even between organizations.

Atego Asset Library is a true enabler for enterprise scale asset reuse. Its simple, secure and powerful user interface publishes assets to anyone who needs them. Asset meta-data, traceable links and management dashboard reduce the levels of complexity, help you plan for change, and prove real returns on your investments.

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