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Aonix Brings Ada Kernel Certification Kit to Market

New DO-178B Certification evidence available for ObjectAda® RAVEN™

Oct 14, 2008 - 16:06 PM

ObjectAda RAVEN enables engineers to build applications for deployment in safety-critical applications such as those found in transportation, avionics and flight systems, and nuclear energy management where stringent standards must be followed and proof of conformance is essential to obtain certification from associated authorities. The ability to procure COTS certification evidence together with ObjectAda RAVEN can yield dramatic savings where costs for production of certification evidence can soar from $50 to hundreds of dollars per source line of code.

“By providing developers with products that improve code reliability, reduce testing overhead, and shorten certification cycles, Aonix helps customers realize significant savings and furthers its reputation for facilitating the certification process,” noted Gary Cato, director of marketing at Aonix. “The ObjectAda RAVEN certification kit substantially reduces the engineering hours, which—given the cost of producing certification evidence—can be a critical lifeline for a project.”

ObjectAda RAVEN for Windows consists of an Ada 95 compiler with the supporting tools of a build/bind tool, library tool and debugger, and is delivered with a predefined program library which conform to the Ravenscar profile subset of the full Ada language. The Ravenscar profile, adopted at the Eight International Real-Time Ada Workshop (IRTAW-8), Ravenscar UK, and subsequently made part of the Ada 2005 specification, accommodates certification requirements for high-integrity, safety-critical, real-time systems.

ObjectAda RAVEN allows developers to choose between the traditional Aonix IDE for development and the optional AonixADT™ Eclipse plug-in. Geared to maximize developer ease and efficiency, AonixADT incorporates Ada-project awareness, an Ada-language sensitive editor, Ada-language compile and build capabilities, and a complete Ada debugger interface, ensuring that Ada developers enjoy state-of-the-art interface capabilities.

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Atego is a world leading software tools and professional services company, focused on helping organizations engineer complex, mission- and safety-critical systems and software. With today’s systems and software engineering projects continually growing in complexity, Atego Vantage collaborative design and development environment, Atego Perspective MB-PLE process and expert professional services enable abstraction, optimization and automation – dramatically increasing quality, security and productivity.

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