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Aonix Speeds PERC® Ultra with Performance Boosting Features

Most widely implemented real-time VM broadens RTOS support and improves security

Apr 14, 2008 - 17:16 PM

Focused on a wide variety of market segments, PERC Ultra offers the broadest support for commercial real-time operating systems of any Java virtual machine. With applications spanning market segments such as aerospace, defense, telecommunications, industrial automation, and robotics, Aonix added PERC 5.1 support for Wind River Linux, Sysgo’s PikeOS, Mentor Graphics’ Nucleus, and Green Hills’ Integrity to an already broad portfolio including Wind River VxWorks, LynuxWorks LynxOS and LynxOS SE, MontaVista Mobilinux, QNX Neutrino and many others. In doing this, Aonix has maximized developers’ flexibility to make use of the best RTOS for their application.

To meet the increased need for security, PERC 5.1 implements several security enhancements. By adding support for Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE) and Java Cryptography Extension (JCE), Aonix has improved and secured the web services technologies for embedded applications, upgrading all security packages to Java 5.0 compatibility.

“With the continued need for portable, scalable applications, developers continue to look to higher level languages for their increased efficiency and modularity,” noted Gary Cato, Aonix director of marketing. “By improving performance, maximizing RTOS support, and improving security, Aonix is ensuring that PERC Ultra has the resources it needs to continue its leadership in embedded real-time where it has already achieved millions of hours of highly available operation.”

PERC 5.1 greatly improved its interface with PERC Pico, a virtual machine designed for hard real-time applications requiring fast execution, small footprint, and access to low-level devices. By combining the two technologies, it is possible to address all levels of the embedded real-time application, from high-level application complexity to the lowest levels of hardware. Until now, PERC Ultra programmers have resorted to mixed-language development using a Java Native Interface (JNI) and C to access low-level services of the underlying platform. Mixing C and Java code introduces a performance handicap, adds to the costs of software maintenance, and compromises the security benefits typical with Java language use. This top-to-bottom Java solution eliminates awkward and performance robbing interchanges via the Java Native Interface (JNI), one of the most frequent points of failure in mixed-language embedded Java applications.

“The ability to totally eliminate C code, a known bottleneck and failure point for Java developers, will further propel adoption of Java in our target markets,” added Cato. “Customers will enjoy the benefits of significantly improved applications. We’re proud to offer this kind of cost savings to our customers.” and determinism comparable to C.

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