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Aonix User Interface Management System Delivers GUI Development for 64-bit Platforms

Significant new release ports TeleUSE to multiple high-performance systems

Sep 15, 2008 - 16:37 PM

TeleUSE, one of the premier Motif development environments available, supports WYSIWYG graphical editing, widget design editing, as well as font, color, and pixmap picture editing. It provides a full production-quality environment that supports interactive development, design, debug and maintenance of applications containing a Motif GUI. Using TeleUSE, developers can build large-scale enterprise GUI applications using a template facility for the construction of user interface elements and an easy-to-program dialog scripting language to implement user interface logic.

Recognizing the need for more than source code output generation for a GUI, TeleUSE offers comprehensive facilities for building a full and final application executable using a platform-independent approach. TeleUSE also provides full support for integration of third-party Motif widgets, such as the industry-leading XRT® Professional Developer’s Suite (XRT PDS), which is used by thousands of professional developers around the world to build informative, attractive and functional user-interfaces.

“With the use of 64-bit operating systems on high-performance, relatively inexpensive hardware platforms becoming commonplace, a number of Aonix customers have been asking for 64-bit support,” noted Gary Cato, Director of Marketing. “With this latest version of TeleUSE, we are addressing their need and giving them the capability to combine the power of these newer, faster machines and latest operating system versions with the well-proven scalability and robustness of TeleUSE.”

With this release, TeleUSE continues its leadership role as a premier tool for development and maintenance of large-scale applications that use Motif for their user interface. Recognizing the diverse needs of customers in the mission- and safety-critical space, Aonix stands committed to implementing the latest technology into its enterprise-level software development tools on open-source platforms and enabling access to the latest technology.

Cato added, “With the release of TeleUSE 4.0, Aonix delivers the 64-bit capability our customers require while maintaining upward compatibility that preserves the investment customers have in the mission-critical applications developed using earlier versions of TeleUSE.”

Brand new with this release of TeleUSE is support for the HPUX operating system for the Itanium processor. This port was partially funded by a customer in the European Community and has since been in high demand from several other customers in the aerospace and defense industries, making it among the highest priority development efforts for Aonix.

Included with 64-bit TeleUSE 4.0 are 64-bit TeleUSE runtime libraries and the associated C/C++ header files used in the construction of 64-bit application executable files. Enhancements within the TeleUSE 4.0 C/C++ header files enable seamless compilation of generated C/C++ code for either 64- or 32-bit applications using the latest C++ compilers such as Sun Studio 12 on either SPARC or Intel/AMD 64 Solaris 10 and GCC 4.1.2 on Linux. Application developers using TeleUSE enjoy increased virtual memory address space and the performance benefits that 64-bit computing offers.

In addition to support for 64-bit processors, TeleUSE 4.0 delivers an update to support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 for Intel and AMD 64-bit machines and is designed specifically to support Solaris 10.

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