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HighRely Incorporated Completes A400M Avionics Upgrade Project

DO-178 & DO-254 EASA Certification Underway.

Jan 07, 2011 - 10:27 AM

HighRely Incorporated has successfully completed a $1M avionics software and hardware optimization activity for the new A400M cargo aircraft. Adoption of significant engineering enhancements by HighRely engineers ensured A400M success as flight testing and EASA certification is now well underway. The key A400M avionics developer turned to HighRely to optimize its avionics software and hardware development processes per DO-178B and DO-254, update avionics architecture, train 200+ engineers and managers, and improve EASA certification success for DO-178 and DO-254.

The A400M is the world’s newest and most advanced cargo plane, which required similarly advanced avionics certified by EASA, Europe’s equivalent of the FAA. Says a senior program manager “We were selected to provide this advanced avionics suite because of our proven world-class engineering skills. We knew we could “succeed” but we also wanted to be the best in DO-178B software, DO-254 hardware, development, verification, certification, processes, skills and schedule attainment. So a major European competition was held, and HighRely of the U.S.A. won over many household names in the technical services business. HighRely was selected because of their proven ability in DO-178 and DO-254 certification, and their ability to create winning solutions in a cost-effective manner. One year later, we accomplished our “best” objectives and the client has delivered best-in-class avionics solutions. Flight testing is well underway. HighRely was profusely thanked for their outstanding contribution in helping to attain these objectives.”

Add’s Mr. Reza Madjidi, HighRely Co-founder and DER: “We analyzed every process within their avionics program and recommended improvement areas for implementing superior methods in avionics life-cycle development. New releases of A400M avionics will benefit from many improvements completed by HighRely.” Adds fellow co-founder Vance Hilderman “The client engineers spent over 2000 hours in HighRely DO-178B and DO-254 avionics development and project management training sessions. These were custom developed by HighRely and based upon training that HighRely’s trainers have previously provided to over 11,500 engineers and managers on five continents. The attendees were quick learners via HighRely’s proprietary training materials and demonstrated great skill in absorbing and deploying best practices. HighRely onsite engineers subsequently assisted with software architectural improvements and DO-254 process improvements.”

Mr. Madjidi further states, “With cooperation from client engineers and HighRely expertise together, we were able to greatly reduce the avionics verification cycle while meeting DO-178B’s robustness requirements to increase software-reliability and to safely meet DO-178B’s true intent. Our ability in parallel development was another essential factor to the overall program success. The team-effort of HighRely in developing/customizing tools and processes has enabled us to control and release software concurrently while complying to DO-178B/DO-254 standards on the A400M program. This adds significant capability for higher-quality and stronger-control for continued maintenance and adaptation in future programs; this places the client in a much better position to develop other complex avionics projects.”

Concludes a client manager, “Apart from saving verification costs and greater visibility in software and hardware errors, these innovations also improved the Certification success with EASA because the avionics are now being tested with more rigor and in an integrated environment than before.”

HighRely is a well-established and dedicated DO-178B/DO-254 engineering services company. Headquartered in the U.S.A, HighRely’s engineers have worked on over 60% of all major commercial and military aircraft developed in the past decade. Complete avionics development outsourcing by the world’s most highly-skilled engineers, HighRely provides DO-178B/DO-254 solutions including DO-178B/254 Training, Gap Analysis, Strategic Guidance, Project Planning, Checklists, and software development. HighRely’s DO-178C training describes D0-178C’s changes over DO-178B and emphasizes DO-178C’s Formal Methods, DO-178C Tool Qualification, and DO-178C Object Oriented Technology. HighRely’s DO178C/DO-254 services and products again lead the industry and help more companies achieve DO-178/254 efficiency.

Mr. Mike Smith
HighRely Incorporated