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PERC Ultra SMP Wins Best-in-Show at ESC Boston

Aonix awarded one of five top honors for new product announcements at show

Dec 01, 2008 - 16:06 PM

“We view the Aonix announcement as fulfilling a significant gap in software for the embedded space,” said Jason McDonald, senior editor at eg3.com. “Availability of multicore technology from the Semiconductor sector has far outstripped availability of software that can fully utilize the speed offered by this new breed of processors. With its release of PERC Ultra SMP, Aonix is taking significant steps towards correcting this crisis. Java as a language is important to the future of quality software development and PERC’s real-time garbage collection and support for multicore systems should be viewed as key elements of any embedded system strategy. Congratulations to Aonix for bringing this important new product to market!”

Analysts agree the timing for such tools is ripe:

“The military and defense sectors are looking to multicore processors, components, and systems as a way to reduce system size and cost while increasing performance of the complex systems they develop,” said Dr. Jerry Krasner, VP and Chief Analyst of Embedded Market Forecasters. “The rapid growth in multicore technology is outpacing the availability of appropriate development tools.”

“Multicore support in development tools has become important,” noted Al Hilwa, Program Director – Application Development Software at IDC. “Many embedded applications are moving to the more powerful multicore processors. Tool vendors who want to keep abreast of industry trends need to support the full capabilities of the hardware platforms.”

Aonix has seen significant interest in a multicore solution from customers in the military, aerospace, and telecommunications sectors. A number of licenses have already been sold into weapons control, ground radar and mission planning projects. Avionics and flight simulation vendors have also expressed interest in multicore capability for new systems and products now on their drawing boards. Demand for multicore systems in this space has accelerated the need for multicore tools and services in recent months.

“There is no doubt that multicore technologies and their use in the embedded space are on the upswing,” commented Eric Heikkila, Director Embedded Hardware & Systems, at VDC Research Group. “In a recent published VDC Research study, multicore CPU revenues from the embedded market in 2011 were projected to reach over six times 2007 multicore revenues and over 44 times 2006 levels. We continue to see increases in multicore implementations and tools availability, and strong evidence of that trend continuing to hold true.”

“Multicore microprocessors and multiprocessor systems have been around for a number of years now,” said Gary Cato, Aonix director of marketing. “Until recently, tools that enable applications to exploit multicore performance gains have been unavailable, especially in the embedded market. We are delighted the ‘Best-in-Show’ award acknowledges the value we’re delivering to our customers. ”

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