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Artisan Studio Automatic Code Synchronizer

Artisan Studio Automatic Code Synchronizer™ (ACS) provides all the features you need to synchronize models and programs. It runs directly upon Artisan Studio’s multiuser repository which provides unparalleled levels of performance, whatever the model size, from one to hundreds of users.

  • Design, develop and implement high quality code in less time
  • Synchronize your system requirements and designs directly with your code
  • Use and reuse, configurable UML code generation Transformation Patterns to deploy best practices and coding standards using the Transformation Development Kit (TDK)
  • Optimize programmer time, achieve greater project control and automatically document your software systems

Artisan Studio ACS is an incredibly powerful code engineering tool set. As part of Atego’s Work-as-One solution, Artisan Studio ACS becomes key facilities for realizing all the benefits of Model Based Engineering – “the next wave” in system and software development.

To find out more about how Artisan Studio Automatic Code Synchronizer can help you build your mission, safety and/or business critical software systems view the related links below.

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