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DER Services & FAA Certification

The Atego team of RTCA / DO-178C & & DO-254 DER consultants cover the full spectrum of FAA required Designated Engineering Representatives, for all project phases. Atego has more DO-178 and DO-254 Designated Engineering Representatives (DER’s) and avionics engineers than any other services company. If you have any need for avionics certification or DER Services, Atego is your answer.

Atego DER Services have a proven track record of helping projects successfully achieve certification and engineering organizations to improve their processes and capabilities.

A few examples of the types of services we can provide are listed below but each project or organization will have its own specific priorities and goals. We therefore encourage our clients to contact us and we will be pleased to schedule a discussion with one of DER’s to review your needs and to explain how we can best assist you:

  • Gap Analysis, Training, Process evaluation and development for DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-254
  • DO-178C Tool Qualification, DO-178C GAP Analysis, and DO-178C Reverse Engineering strategies
  • Document Review/Approval DO-178B and DO-297 advice/recommendations
  • DO-178B or DO-178C Road Maps: complete certification strategy, schedule, and costs for your avionics software project
  • DO-178B/C PSAC and DO-254 PHAC plan preparation/submission
  • DO-200 advise/recommendations
  • DO-278A training and compliance activities and services
  • DO-297 COTS product usage
  • DER FMEA and FHA analysis, review and approvals
  • Avionics reverse engineering and certification strategies for existing projects
  • DO-178B checklists: checklists for every phase and artifact of your avionics project
  • DER preparation for audit by FAA to ensure success
  • DER Approval of Hardware FPGAs, ASICs and PLDs to RTCA DO-254
  • DER tips and recommendations for improving avionics quality and cost-effectiveness
  • FAA, EASA coordination
  • Aircraft Equipment Installation Assessments
  • System Safety Assessments, FMEA’s and FHA’s
  • 8110 submission/sign-offs (upon satisfactory completion)
  • DO-178C and DO-254 Certification and Tool Qualification Plans/Advice/Oversight for application to Military projects and UAV/UAS
  • Development or review of Statements of Work (SOW) and contractual language for safety-related developments by sub-tier suppliers
  • Development and evaluation of software and hardware processes and plans for compliance to current FAA/JAA guidance

For more information please contact us, if you have specific requirements you would like to discuss please take advantage of the DER On Call Program and book a free 30min call with one of our consultants.

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