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Latest Training Course Offerings

Below is a list of all our public training courses that have been scheduled for 2014. This schedule is regularly updated, and so please bookmark this page and check back regularly.

Private, on-site training is also available and can be scheduled at your convenience at a facility or venue local to you. To learn more about our private, on-site training: Contact us.

Course Summaries - click course title for detailed information and registration details
Category Course Title Public Course Dates
Modeling DoDAF / UPDM Practitioners Course 12-14 Nov - Phoenix, AZ
Modeling Introduction to Modeling with UML 22-23 Sep - Phoenix, AZ
Modeling Introduction to Systems Engineering 7-9 Oct - London, UK
Modeling SysML Modeling with Artisan Studio 24-26 Sep - Phoenix, AZ

Other Courses

The table below lists all our other courses available for on-site training.

Category Course Title Tool Used
Ada Programming in Ada83 Tool Independent
Ada Programming in Ada95 Tool Independent
Ada The Ravenscar Profile and Atego ObjectAda Raven Atego ObjectAda
Java Concurrent Programming with Java Tool Independent
Java Embedded Development with Atego Perc Ultra Atego Perc
Modeling An Introduction to SysML and MBRE Tool Independent
Modeling Configuring Code Generation Artisan Studio
Modeling Customizing Artisan Studio Artisan Studio
Modeling Ergonomic Profiling with Artisan Studio Artisan Studio
Modeling Introduction to MODAF Tool Independent
Modeling Introduction to Modeling with SysML Tool Independent
Modeling Introduction to TRAK Tool Independent
Modeling MODAF Practitioners Course Artisan Studio
Modeling MODAF Practitioners Course Tool Independent
Modeling Modeling Enterprise Architectures Tool Independent
Modeling TRAK Practioners Course Tool Independent
Modeling UML Modeling with Artisan Studio Artisan Studio
Process Introduction to Process Modeling Tool Independent
Process Using Atego Process Consumer Atego Process Consumer
Process Using Atego Process Director Atego Process Director
Requirements Model-based Requirements Engineering Tool Independent
Tools Building User Interfaces with Aonix TeleUSE Aonix TeleUSE