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Asset-based Modular Design - Designing the same way you build…

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05 June 2014
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Today systems and applications are extremely complex and they are being built from sub systems and components. How is it possible to design these systems in the same way we build them? This webinar will show you how Atego Vantage for Asset-based Modular Design will allow users to store and reuse design Assets.

As well as showing the challenges currently being faced in industry today Atego Vantage for Asset-based Modular Design, pre-designed and implemented subsystems, components and services can save up to 60% of the costs of your system and application development projects. Atego Vantage for Asset-based Modular Design uses the OMG Reusable Asset Specification (RAS) and combines a simple user interface with the capability to import any type of Asset for reuse with other projects, thus eliminating timely redesigns of already tried and tested functionality.


You will learn:

  • Component Based Design, System of Systems and project challenges
  • The Atego Solution
  • Atego Vantage in Action
  • Typical Asset-based Modular Design Benefits

Webinar Duration:

1 hour


  • Harlen Dean - Application Engineer, Atego