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Atego Perspective; Model-based Product Line Engineering best practices

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03 June 2014
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As a framework for this Atego Vantage webinar series, this session introduces the Atego Perspective process, which consolidates Atego’s proven best practices for Systems & Software Engineering. It combines ISO Standards and Atego Expertise in Model-based Systems & Software Engineering, Asset-based Modular Design & Product Line Engineering.

The Atego Vantage engineering environment is a combination Atego experts, processes and software tools. This session provides a framework for this seminar series by introducing the Atego Perspective process. Model-Based Systems & Software Engineering (ISO 15288 based MBSE) forms the core of the Atego Perspective process which can be extended with Atego’s Asset-Based Modular Design, to facilitate Systems of Systems (SoS), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) or Component-Based Design (CBD) and Development. The Atego Perspective MBSE can also be extended with Atego’s Product Line Engineering (ISO 26550 based PLE) processes to architect product families and their variability. Finally, all three can be combined, to form Atego’s Model-Based Product Line Engineering best practices – The Atego Perspective.


You will learn:

  • Industry Challenges
  • Introducing Atego Vantage
  • Introducing the Atego Perspective
  • Implementing the Atego Perspective
  • Typical Benefits
  • Next Steps

Webinar Duration:

1 hour


  • Matthew Hause - Chief Consulting Engineer, Atego