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Automating software & equipment certification project milestone reviews

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30 January 2014
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To coincide with the recent release of Atego Check, this webinar shows you how you can audit your project milestone and deliverable, with automated reviews against managed checklists. Atego Check is an innovative product and contemporary product which takes the pain out of review and checklist management. Levels of cognitive function are often compromised with increasing levels of stress and fatigue, as is often the norm in certain complex, high-intensity fields of work. Aviation, aeronautics, and product manufacturing have come to rely heavily on checklists to aid in reducing human error. The checklist is an important tool in error management across all these fields and more, contributing significantly to reductions in the risk of costly mistakes and improving overall outcomes.


You will see the following new features:

  • Checklist Authoring & Management
  • Pre-Loaded Checklists & Checklist Import
  • Review Initiation & Assignment
  • How to Review against Checklists
  • Review Quality Assurance
  • Reporting Review Results

Duration: 1 hour

Target Audience:

Program Managers, process managers, process auditors, reviewers and anyone interested in process management.


  • Hedley Apperly – VP Product & Marketing, Atego