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Preparing Yourself for Embedded Software Success in the Brave New Multi-Core World

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09 December 2010
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The embedded systems world is quickly moving to multi-core devices. While multi-core devices provide great improvements in performance and power reduction, application re-design is likely required. Smart, successful software engineers need to re-align their design and development strategies to take advantage of this new breed of hardware. Learn how parallel programming and other features of Java can provide a better and simpler path to multi-core success.


  • Growth and proliferation of multi-core devices in the embedded market
  • Issues to consider in development of embedded multi-core software
  • How Java can be utilized to improve multi-core systems development and reduce downstream maintenance headaches
  • The Atego Java VM solution and Garbage Collection strategies for multi-core
  • Live demonstration of Java multi-core execution characteristics

Many developers are facing the requirement to achieve better performance while maintaining or reducing power consumption, heat levels, and footprint. Multi-core processors are an obvious solution to meet their requirements. But, is the solution as simple as selection of a multi-core device alone or are there other considerations and challenges to be addressed? Attendees of this webinar will be provided important considerations for the design of and strategies for development and deployment of embedded multi-core software. They will be shown how Java, by itself or used in conjunction with C or other languages can help them get their multi-core-based systems to market faster, with better results and lower maintenance costs.


  • Kelvin Nilsen, Chief Technology Officer - Java, Atego
  • Randy Rorden, VP and Engineering Director - Java, Atego