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True Agility for Rigorous Engineering

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11 May 2011
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There are many tools and techniques available for documenting system and software engineering process and even more for program and project management. But there are very few environments that effectively integrate the two. This webinar will show how content rich processes can be consistently and proficiently authored. Then how ‘true agility’ can be applied to translate these processes for programs and projects, while retaining traceability to the originals. Then how the process can be consumed, metrics recorded and improvements fed back. The loop is then closed by showing how process owners can monitor numerous program and project instances of the master process, then deploy process updates.


You will see;

  • A contemporary approach to process authoring
  • Truly agility, when mapping from master processes to program/project instances
  • Process publication in a way that inspires process use
  • Process metrics gathering and improvement feedback
  • Process author oversight and on-going improvement

Target Audience:

Process Owners, Process Authors, Process Managers, QA Managers, Program Managers, Project Managers, Methodologists, Systems Engineering Managers, Software Development Managers, CMMI Managers and anyone interested in System or Software Development Process Improvement.


  • Hedley Apperly, VP Product & Marketing