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Component Based ‘Design’ with the Atego Asset Library

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31 January 2013
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A former Siemens CEO once stated “If Siemens knew what Siemens already knows”, and this is a typical situation for all companies building and delivering non-trivial systems. Development artifacts or their requirement specifications may exist, but they are not made readily available for potential consumers. However, modular design and re-use can be enabled through the publication of these artifacts as re-usable assets, where the appropriate standards and infrastructures are implemented. This paradigm can be deployed easily with Atego Asset Library, within projects, across organizations and between enterprises.

Atego Asset Library provides the collaboration backbone for Atego’s Component-Based Design approach, enabling team oriented top-down, bottom-up and middle-out system design. Based on the OMG Re-usable Asset Specification (RAS), the Atego Asset Library allows dispersed teams to publish and re-use components and services as assets, independently or directly integrated with Artisan Studio.


You will see:

  • Introducing Atego’s Component Based Design approach
  • Design a system of systems using pre-existing components
    – Publishing Components as Building Blocks
    – Finding Components
    – Components Assembly
  • Design a System where you need new Components
  • How to handle ongoing Component Based Design changes
  • Core asset management facilities
    OMG Reusable Asset Specification
    – Publishing & Re-using Assets without a Modeling Tool
  • Where Atego Asset Library fits within your tooling portfolio
  • Summary

Target Audience:

Program Managers, System Designers, Software Designers, Software Engineers


  • Andreas Korff, Product Manager - Atego