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Dramatic Systems and Software Productivity Gains with Atego Asset Library

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13 June 2013
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Re-use is one of the main ideas to tackle the ongoing divergence of growing system complexity and time-to-market needs. However, finding the right re-usable assets inside and outside your organization is difficult or even not possible today. Assets are not defined or marked as re-usable, and only technical experts understand what might be useful on a very technical level.

In addition, metrics on cost savings are non-existent, so re-use is generally not rewarded on higher levels. However, using an approach to build up a living library of re-usable assets, this typical degeneration of a good idea (re-use what you already have) into low-level clone-and-own can be overcome. This allows you to save effort and money, being able to concentrate on innovation.


During this webinar we will show you:

  • What type of approach is needed to make any design asset (code, interface definitions, models, requirements, files) re-usable and how to share them in a controlled, web-based communication platform
  • How bottom-up processes can benefit from finding the right components and building them into a system model
  • How you can specify the needs for a new component in top-down processes and how suppliers can react on this
  • How changes in requirement and design asset versions can be communicated automatically
  • What simple measurements can make re-using assets rewarding

Target Audience:

Program, Product & Project Managers, and all who are suffering from lack of knowledge and time while developing complex systems.


1 hour


  • Andreas Korff, Product Manager - Atego