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Keeping Control of Requirements

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14 April 2011
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Atego Exerpt Synchronizer breaks down traditional boundaries between partners, vendors and customers by creating an environment for smooth requirements interchange between these stakeholders. Based on the forthcoming OMG standard for Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF), Atego Exerpt Synchronizer is designed to tackle real-world projects and is used to automate large scale requirement exchange processes.


Atego Exerpt Synchronizer provides the capability for organizations to interchange large amounts of requirements information on an ongoing and managed basis over the lifetime of any particular project or product.

You will see:

  • Rationale for requirements exchange
  • Implications for large, multi-site projects
  • Where existing practices fail
  • How a standards-based solution solve the problem
  • Demonstrating a Roundtrip requirements exchange
  • Exchanging between different versions of requirements tools

Target Audience:

Requirements Managers, Project Managers, Systems Architects, Systems Engineers, Process Improvement Managers


  • Manuel Reis Monteiro, Atego Exerpt Product Manager