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Work as One - Introducing Artisan Studio v7.0

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26 August 2008
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This is the first in a series of Webinars looking at the development and product lifecycle. This first webinar will look at the product and development lifecycle, the different ways of modeling systems throughout these lifecycles and how to maintain traceability between the different project phases. It will also look at the generation of artefacts such as code, documentation, and traceability reports. All this functionality is made available using Artisan Studio allowing you to Work as One.


The webinar will start with Development and Product Lifecycles in general. We will then cover requirements management and Architectural Frameworks such as DoDAF, MODAF, and UPDM, and how to Transition to SysML, The Systems Modeling Language. We will then cover SysML and how it can be used to model systems. We will then look at SysML Requirements Management in particular, followed by Transitioning to UML, The Unified Modeling Language. Next, we will look at software modeling with UML. Of course, it is important to control and collaborate with all this design information, thus the need for Configuration Management. We will then proceed to the end of the software part of the development lifecycle, Code Generation. Finally, we will look at Documentation Generation.


  • Matthew Hause, Chief Consulting Engineer, Atego