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Model-based Product Line Engineering for an increasing complex world of systems of systems

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06 June 2014
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Atego Model-base Product Line Engineering (MB-PLE) will show how to take Systems and Software modeling and create variations on a theme.

Manufacturing has long employed the engineering techniques to create product lines of similar products within a factory by creating variation connection points on their products allowing for specialization and customization then by selecting interchangeable parts. Systems and Software Model-based Product Lines work in a similar fashion by creating systems and software with designed variation points and then giving the user the ability to see their options and conflicts, if any exist, to pick their end desired product.

Atego MB-PLE approach can model Architectures, Requirements, Systems, Design, Test, and Software to generate a selection on a theme to get a consistent coherent final product ready for production. Independent survey results show that applying MB-PLE approaches such as the Atego Vantage can reduce your total development costs by 62% and deliver 23% more of your products on time.


You will learn:

  • Model-based Product Lines where to start
  • The 150% model
  • Variant Modeling and Mapping
  • Variation Systems and Software Analysis
  • Variant Feature Selection
  • Product Model Creation
  • Product Models in Action
  • Summary and Benefits

Webinar Duration:

1 hour


  • James Hummell - Principal Engineer, Atego