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Model-based Systems & Software Engineering

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04 June 2014
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SysML is a firmly established standard for modeling complex mission and safety critical Systems. This webinar will show how SysML models can be used to support a Model-based Systems & Software Engineering process (MBSSE), from requirements to model simulation, using Atego Modeler 8.0, the market leader in UML and SysML modeling.

SysML provides complementary viewpoints that can be used to build up a comprehensive model of a system, or even a system of systems. Where such a model is at the core of the Systems & Software Engineering process this is known as Model-based Systems & Software Engineering (MBSSE). MBSSE helps to identify problem areas earlier than traditional document based approaches and so decreases time, cost and effort – improve quality, or both.

This webinar looks at the central aspects of SysML modeling – known as the four pillars, Requirements, Structure, Behaviour and Parametrics and the various diagrams used to represent them, as provided by Atego Modeler 8.0. It then continues beyond core modeling to explore how the model information can be further leveraged – for example by building simulations and how the SysML model can form the reference framework to which a software design (in UML) is linked, on the path to code.


You will learn:

  • Modeling and Tracing Requirements
  • Use Cases and Scenarios
  • Modeling Structure
  • Defining Behaviour
  • Simulating Models
  • Outputs and Results

Webinar Duration:

1 hour


  • Ralph Hains - Principal Engineer, Atego