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Next Generation Multi-Core Java for Embedded Systems

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11 October 2012
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Most applications are now using or considering multi-core processors, but are your development tools able to effectively address them? Atego has taken the next step with advances in Java compilation technology for multi-core systems including new Just-In-Time (JIT) and Ahead-of-Time (AOT) features in Aonix Perc. With Aonix Perc Ultra SMP, application code will be more highly optimized than previously possible, and together with the Aonix Perc multi-core enabled garbage collector technology, will execute significantly faster than in prior versions. Additionally, coupled with the development tools already supplied in Aonix Perc, new graphical application execution analysis tools provide invaluable intelligence about your embedded and real-time application.


You will see:

  • New features and functions of Aonix Perc Ultra for multi-core embedded and real-time systems
  • Code generation capability and strategies
  • Java 6 support characteristics
  • Live demonstration of PConsole, the graphical execution analysis tool

Target Audience

Program Managers, System Designers, Software Designers, Software Engineers

Webinar Duration

1 hour


  • Randy Rorden - VP & Engineering Director - Java, Atego
  • Rhoda Quate - Consulting Engineer, Atego