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OMG SysML: From System Design To Behavior Verification

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05 April 2012
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OMG SysML™ enables System Engineers to design complex systems with a full interdisciplinary approach. SysML provides ready-to-use primitives for modeling requirements, architecture and behavior of systems and for taking into account their underlying mathematical model. This is done in a reusable way designed for supporting an industrial view of the process, where the same architectural blocks can be used for describing the specification of different parts of the systems, still ensuring they match the system specification when they are combined together.

How can the System Engineer get an early handle on how the final system will behave? The answer is Artisan Studio® SySim, enabling early behavioral verification of complex systems by means of a few simple steps able to turn a SysML specification into a running simulation using Atego Drop&Play technology.


You will see:

  • How behavior can be defined with SysML
  • Blocks combined together in a simulation scenario
  • How a system can be observed and controlled through a Graphical User Interface
  • Interaction of SysML blocks with blocks defined externally with MATLAB Simulink™

Target Audience:

System and Software Engineers interested in early system behavior verification.

Webinar duration: 1 hour


  • Fabrizio Pugnetti, Product Manager, Atego