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Process Authoring Made Easy with Automated Animated Diagrams

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17 November 2011
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With best practice governance now a major consideration for most systems and software engineering projects, process authoring and deployment have become a necessary burden. Atego Process Director’s unique process authoring and deployment has been significantly extended to provide ‘Automated Animated Diagraming’, markedly streamlining process authoring. Simple process editors help you document your systems and software engineering approaches, and then Automated Animated Diagrams bring them to life, with minimal effort. All 100% web browser, live on a multi-user database, this is one webinar you just can’t afford to miss.


You will see:

  • Rich content process authoring
  • Drag and Drop workflow creation
  • Automated OMG BPMN (Business process Modeling Notation) diagrams
  • Animated auto-layout on Relationship Graphs

Target Audience:

Process Authors, Methodologists, Project Managers, Systems Engineering Managers, Software Engineering Managers & Quality Assurance Managers.

Webinar Duration: 1 hour


  • Hedley Apperly – VP Product & Marketing, Atego