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Solving Complex Multi-Level Aerospace and Defense Challenges

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02 May 2007
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Wind River Systems and Aonix present a sober look at the realities of today’s Aerospace and Defense challenges and the solutions that are now available to address complex, multi-level, mixed language applications deployment. Chip Downing, Aerospace & Defense Marketing Manager at Wind River reviews the state of real-time execution of safety-critical and security-related applications in complex silicon and application environments. Kelvin Nilsen presents how an all-Java™ strategy can be used in these complex systems to reduce overhead and performance bottlenecks. Get valuable insights on how to get a handle on today’s growing challenges.


Despite the efforts of software engineers to improve their design and development methodologies and to simplify and standardize their development and execution environments, technical innovations continue to raise new challenges and increase the demand for even more application complexity. Today’s embedded hardware is faster with larger memory capacities, and most now have a Memory Management Unit (MMU), that enables the creation of hardware-enforced partitions running virtual OS environments. In addition newer processors can better integrate and execute more graphics, signaling, communications, and high-speed multi-device interconnectivity. Multi-core processors have arrived, combining similar cores in a single die, or mixing CPU cores with specialized DSPs. RTOS vendors offer multi-partitioned solutions that allow mixing soft real-time and hard real-time applications, and have enabled safety-critical and security-critical applications to reside side-by-side with non-critical components in the same hardware platform. Add to this the execution of mixed-language applications, and the problems of complexity have become more difficult than ever to efficiently address while maintaining system robustness and application efficiency.


  • Kelvin Nilsen, Chief Technology Officer - Java, Atego
  • Chip Downing, Aerospace & Defense Marketing Manager, Wind River Systems