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Systems Analysis Using SysML Parametric Model Execution with Artisan Studio ParaSolver

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09 March 2011
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Given the large and complex systems of today it is more important than ever to ensure consistency, completeness and coverage of the system constraints and requirements. Executable Parametric Models using Artisan Studio ParaSolver allow you to explore real-time verification of system performance, check requirements, estimate cost and allocate resources. Parametric models insure data consistency within the SysML model and provide the potential for simulating model performance and comparing against system requirements. Artisan Studio ParaSolver can be used to do trade studies that can be performed to figure out the optimal solution; know what you want before you have to build it, saving time and development costs. This is especially true in traditional domains of system engineering like aerospace and transportation. However, this same technology can be applied to financial systems, web-based business process analysis, and defense programs.


You will see:

  • Parametric modeling, model execution
  • System analysis using Requirements, Parametrics and Artisan Studio ParaSolver
  • Multiple scenario trade study analysis
  • Artisan Studio ParaSolver Integrations

Target Audience:

Systems Engineers, Project Managers, Systems Architects, Test Developers, Software Simulation Development.


  • James Hummell - Principal Engineer, Atego