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Building Successful New Embedded Applications - The Dambach-Werke project

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27 October 2009
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  • Software productivity improvements

  • Development costs reduction

  • Java for real-time, embedded application

  • High reliability, safety critical solution

  • Legacy code reuse

  • Hardware obsolescence management


This webinar describes Dambach-Werke’s successes in applying flexible embedded software development practices in the production of a traffic-light signaling system. Their approach leverages unique strengths of Sysgo’s PikeOS Safe and Secure Virtualization RTOS and Aonix’s (now Atego) PERC Ultra virtual machine for real-time Java to build integrated city-wide traffic management systems. This system has high reliability and availability requirements and must satisfy safety-critical auditors. Since every community has different traffic patterns, the system software is easily tailored to the unique needs of each community. City traffic engineers add their own customization code to the infrastructure code provided by Dambach Werke. Strong separation of concerns allows end-user code to be integrated with infrastructure code without compromising the reliability or safety of the deployed systems.


  • Kelvin Nilsen, Chief Technology Officer - Java, Atego
  • Joachim Lock, Software Architect, Dambach-Werke
  • Jacques Brygier, VP Marketing, Sysgo