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Tools to Jumpstart your ISO-26262 Projects with Preloaded Best Practices

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16 January 2014
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Atego has distilled the combined knowledge of its automotive software certification experts and ISO-26262 into an Atego Process Director process library. This library can radically reduce; your learning curve, project planning time and process maintenance costs. But there’s more, Atego’s library is dynamic so you can tune it to your specific needs, helping you achieve ISO-26262 certification on your real life projects.


You will see the following new features:

  • Atego’s ISO-26262 library pre-loaded with all 9 phases
  • ISO-26262 library tailoring and process extension
  • Automated process diagrams
  • ISO-26262 process deployment
  • How Atego’s ISO-26262 process library can significantly improve your project quality, productivity and certification

Duration: 1 hour

Target Audience:

Process Authors, Methodologists, Project Managers, Systems Engineering Managers, Software Engineering Managers & Quality Assurance Managers.


  • Hedley Apperly – VP Product & Marketing, Atego
  • Eric Andrianarison - Principal Consulting Engineer, Atego