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What’s New in Artisan Studio 7.3

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04 October 2011
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Even the good can be made better – Artisan Studio 7.3 delivers a wealth of new and enhanced features, functionality and benefits for developing complex, safety-critical systems and software applications.


The launch of Artisan Studio 7.3 represents a significant improvement to our highly successful, flagship modeling tool suite. It builds on our Work-as-One strategy, enabling systems and software engineering teams to collaborate in model-based design.

You will see:

  • State Machine Generation and Animation for Java
  • HTML Web Publishing
  • UML/SysML State Machines
  • UPDM (for DoDAF 2.0) Profile
  • ARINC 653 Profiles for VxWorks and PikeOS
  • Profile Diagram driven Meta-Model Extensibility
  • IDL Profile and IDL3/IDL3+ Generation
  • Reversers for C# and IDL
  • Model Explorer
  • User Interface Personalization

Duration: 1 hour


  • Andreas Korff - Product Manager, Atego